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                                                                                  1. A right matching of Spruce and Sapele for guitar body can brings good resonation and space for the guitar. 

                                                                                  2. The improvement of echo system against the size of guitar and the proportion between woods makes the sound steadier and smoother. 

                                                                                  3. The super-thin opening matt varnishing can not only lower the labor cost, but also get rid of the limited vibration resulted from the glossy varnishing. 

                                                                                  4. Light and mini Korean Hexagonalphosphor copperstring can make it feel the best touch and experience for green hands. 

                                                                                  5. The radian fingerboard and short distance between strings can be helpful to your practice. 

                                                                                  6. Plastic and steel neck with down Bridqe are good for the conduction of vibration. 

                                                                                  7. Laser engraving and black steel string button release your elegant temperament. 

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